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Your security, our priority


We are know how badly Covid influenced our travel habits. We want to do things, take you on trips and meet new people, safely. Here you can get informed about our effort to keep you safe at all times. 

Movimondo Incoming tours and excursions are designed in order to keep the "distance" as they run with a limited number of participants and in those "critical" moments where there could be some crowd, we collaborate with partners 100% in line with the effective legislation about social distancing and more widely to travellers and customer protection. Here we provide some further information about how we protect your health, security.

Transfers and movements from a place to the next during our itineraries are always self-driven, in other words guests will drive teir own car or a rented one. For this reason, from the moment services begin they will always move with friends or relatives they are  normally in contact with 

When reaching the point of departure of a trip or an excursion, it works the same way:guests are requride to drive either with a owned car or with a rented one.. Whenever public transport is involved during an tour or before the begin of any experience with us, we suggest to check the updated information about rail transport on Trenitalia website, the ones updated by your air carrier or the general information regarding a safe flight on IATA's website

Accommodation providers we collaborate with, guarantee that all hygiene standards of public spaces are met and all personal protection devices are always worn to ensure that any risk is minimized at all times. 

Guided tours outdoor are always conducted with social distancing and with limited groups of people. The usage of surgical masks (or safer ones) could be necessary depending on the local rules effective in the area.

Museums as well as other indoor exposition of any kind, have always to be booked in advance in order to maintain a controlled flow of visitors to the places in total compliance with national laws. Depending on the itinerary or excursion selected, if any museum or indoor visit is planned, this should be booked well in advance in order to allow our staff to liaise with the providers accordingly and avoid disruptions. 

Prior to departure for a tour or an excursion, please obtain a green pass certification. This could be released after: 

  • Covid vaccination has been completed
  • being able to demonstrate to be cured from Covid 19. Proof must have been released within 6 months prior travel

Being pedantic is not something we like to be, but this is very important: "green pass" certification released in an electronic format (a QR code) is necessary to access the majority of public services such as museums, restaurants, events and more widely any place where there could be a crowd. In case you may be unable to show or demonstrate to have a valid certification there may be some disruption that will negatively impact your guest experience with us (and we don't really want it to happen). 

Prior to depart, double check the information released by the Italian Government concerning Green Pass, restrictions to travel to and from Italy as well as local restrictions in the Italian territory.


Here there is a list of websites that may be useful to you: 

In any case Movincoming permits:

  • change of date
  • change of product
  • change of traveller(s)
  • the issuance of a voucher with the purchased amount for future use

in accordance with our service supplying partners' terms and conditions of service (such as accommodation providers, guides, etc.)

Check our general terms and conditions or get in touch with our team for any doubt or information regarding our policy. In any case, we do strongly suggest you buy a cancelation insurance before departing.