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About us
In the world of tourism since 2000

We have been present in the tourism industry for over 20 years and We brought thousands of travelers  in the most important destination on the planet. We always had a special attention for guests with disabilities or impariments, developing a strong expertise to enable travelers with very special requirements to travel safely and at ease, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all. 

100% dedicated to Italy

Movimondo Incoming > Movincoming, is the company branch that covers 100% inbound travel to less organized Italian destination, valorizing, organizing and coordinating the offer to these developing territories. We strongly believe in the potential of our country and our mission is building products around every single area to be brought to a global attention.

Revolving around professionals

Movincoming is our DMC project dedicated to professionals, tourism operators and companies who are seeking for "ready-to-book" products and customized experiences in Italy.